A sad partnership

Today I was truly saddened to find this ad on Wired Magazine:

So saddened, in fact, that I set out to write this letter to to make my disgust public:

Dear sirs:

As a long time reader of your online magazine, I have recently noticed you are inserting adverts in your pages.

While I do wholeheartedly support religious freedom, I find the apparent endorsing of scientific reporting by Scientology disturbing, to say the least. In my opinion Scientology is actively co-opting science facts and methods to arrogate to itself a brand of legitimacy no cult can claim.

Therefore, I urge you to reconsider that ‘sponsoring’ relationship in the name of scientific integrity. Please do not allow your prestigious and often entertaining reporting to be tarnished by such dubious associations.


If you feel disturbed in the slightest by this step by step invasion of the scientific limelight by these intruders, then by all means stand up and protest! Rational minds all around the world cannot allow this travesty of science to gain any further share of public image and goodwill. It’s either that, or stop considering Wired a (mildly) trusted source of (somewhat bland) scientific entertainment and toss it to the heap of pseudo-scientific pamphlets with cultist connotations.