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  • Geocoding while blogger (2)

    Welcome! As promised in my previous post, today I am releasing a Greasemonkey script that allows geocoding, using the geo microformat, in Blogger‘s interface. Remember my previous fit of creativity concerning names? Well, I’ve decided to name this one InsertGeo (don’t laugh at me, just click on this link if you want to install it […]

  • Script updates

    UnitFormat and InsertUnit, the sibling scripts from the series Greasemonkey and Microformats have been updated to reflect a little addition to the underlying measurement unit microformat: now, null units are supported (with unit name null) when converting among bases or from/to roman numerals. This is only a convenience measure to account for the fact that […]

  • Greasemonkey and microformats (5)

    Leaving so soon? I was hoping to interest you on yet another release of my famous series Greasemonkey and Microformats! No, wait! Please, oh please, just a little more… Well, for the few of you still there, here I am again at it. Today, let’s talk about something I fancy calling microformat lifecycle. It’s easy […]