Script updates

UnitFormat and InsertUnit, the sibling scripts from the series Greasemonkey and Microformats have been updated to reflect a little addition to the underlying measurement unit microformat: now, null units are supported (with unit name null) when converting among bases or from/to roman numerals.

This is only a convenience measure to account for the fact that Google Calculator does not understand queries with a source unit when the target one is a number base or ‘roman’: the expected

255 decimal in hex

does not work, and instead

255 in hex

must be used. The measurement unit microformat accomodates this quirk by adding a null unit that can be used as source whenever such a conversion should take place.

The updated dialog of InsertUnit looks now like this:

Of course, nothing forces you not to declare yourself a purist and specify your source units as decimal, hex, octal, binary or even roman, but for now UnitFormat, the other side of the coin, won’t properly handle those values (that’s it, by ignoring them). I’ll post an update as soon as this issue is properly handled. See you!

Update (20070816163700) It’s done now.